The Way It Was
The Wyllie Family
As a young child growing up in the country we had many family members drop in for a visit.  Most of the families had young children who my brother and I played with around the farm.

One of the families that would like to visit us was Stanley Clarke Wyllie and his wife Eugenia along with their two sons, Clarke and Bill.

When I became interested in the family history, I started searching the various bulletin boards that appeared on CompuServe, a program that was a forerunner of the Internet as we know it today.

The computer that I had was a Model II Tandy.  The disk drive used discs that were eight inches in diameter and the memory capacity was a walloping 64 KB.  I bought this computer new from Tandy along with a separate bank of three disc drives, dot matrix printer, some software and a few extra discs. for the total amount of  $10,000 plus.

Then I needed a modem for another $100 or so. A box of tractor feed paper was around $45.00, Extra ribbons for the printer for another $10.00.

I thought that that would be all I needed only to find out that CompuServe had a membership fee to use their service.  They didn't have a local telephone number and with the closest number being in Atlanta, Ga. the Long distant calls were somewhere around $0.45 per minute, my phone bill was running between $600 to $700/Mo.

I found very little information on CompuServe and had to resort to the telephone.  That's when I chased down Clarke who was working as the head librarian in the public library in Dayton, Ohio.

He  too had been researching the Wyllie history and had made contact with several other Wyllies who turned out to be cousins.

They had old letters and other information which they made copies of and sent them to Clarke.  He in return sent copies to me.

The copies are copies of copies, thus poor quality.

There are many more letters which I have not placed in this web site due to their poor, almost unreadable condition.

I will just place the photographs and copies at random.

Clarke's father, Stanley was the son of Aunt Amy Louise Clarke, wife of Frederick William Wyllie, son of Edward Wyllie.  Amy lived by herself in an Apartment in Dunedin, FL..  She was a very nice Lady and my wife and I always enjoyed our visits with her.
Clarke Wyllie Family Tree
Death notice of Mary Elizabeth Fairbanks Wyllie
My Great Grandmother and
Great Grandfather Wyllie
Mary and Richard Wyllie
Edward Wyllie
Uncle Edward Charles Wyllie.
Ed was a bricklayer on Long Island, NY.  When he retired he came to Florida and to our house on Nursery Rd. in Clearwater, FL.  My mother Adeline, insisted  that he stay with us.

Ed was a very good photographer and in appreciation for giving him room and board he wanted to build a darkroom so he could develop film and print the pictures that he took.  Mom said he could and he immediately started building it.

Ed taught me how to develop the film and print the pictures.  He also taught me about making a good picture by using a light meter, lighting, composition, action shots and a host of other things about making good quality photographs.

Ed lived with us for over a year. when he decided to return to Long Island.  He said that he had a lot of  photographic equipment stored in his brother's cellar and he wanted to bring it to Florida. About a month later he returned with his equipment and a new wife.

Ed wanted to build a house for he and his wife.  I owned a residential lot which I gave him for his new home.  In his early nineties he built the house without any help and did a very good job.

Ed was like the grandfather that I never had.  He was a kind man, intelligent and witty.  I surely miss him.

He is buried in the Largo Cemetery.
Ed was my Grandmother Hansen's younger brother by one year.
Lucy Wyllie Anderson
Amy Louise Clarke Wyllie & Mary Catherine Wyllie Hansen
Lucy and Nellie
Catherine Platel Wyllie
Rev. Robert Wyllie
Richard Kerr
Robert Wilson Wyllie
Emily Wyllie
Kitty Wyllie Kerr
Henry Wyllie May 19, 1890
Catherine Platel Wyllie.
Nellie and Alfred Wyllie Family
Alfred and Nellie's Tombstones
Nell Cotton Wyllie is the daughter of Nellie Wyllie.
Mary Catherine Wyllie Hansen
This is Nell's Book that she wrote.  "Piney Woods"
I do not have any photos on Nell
Edward Wyllie and his brother
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